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Fresh Blend™ pillowcase

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Wake up feeling fresh.

The samba pillowcase is made from the same Fresh Blend™ as the samba sheets and contains the same amazing properties. 

Fresh Blend™ fabric is ultra smooth for less friction on your hair and skin, antibacterial so you can sleep clean, and moisture wicking for all-night comfort.


Standard comes with 2 20x30 inch pillowcases.

King comes with 2 20x40 inch pillowcases. 

Fresh Blend™

Wake up happier, more energetic, ready to take on the world.

Samba’s Fresh Blend™ is a unique tri-blend made from sustainably farmed, high quality cotton sourced directly from the United States and two unique cellulosic German fibers: Viseta® and Viloft®. 

Viseta® is 50% finer than silk, which allows the fabric to breathe and expel heat more efficiently. In turn, Viloft® contributes to a softer, cooler, and dryer touch.

The pair works together to slow the growth of bacteria and to naturally reduce odor formation. In fact, Viloft® alone is almost twice as effective as PES (polyester) in preventing bacterial growth that can lead to acne and even infections, so our sheets are perfect if you have sensitive skin. 

The result is a fabric that is unbelievably light, smooth and cool. 


samba Fresh Blend is made just for us out of three fibers and designed for total comfort, sustainability, and social responsibility. 

Made from recycled materials and biodegradable fibers. OEKO-TEX certified to be free of chemical residues and harmful substances. 

We work with our factories and suppliers to reduce energy consumption, recycle processing wastewater, and endorse socially ethical manufacturing.


Machine wash on warm, tumble dry on medium, do not bleach.


Free shipping anywhere in the continental United States (4-8 business days).


Return undamaged within 30 days for a full refund. Nice.

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Dixon

It’s the best.

We support the sleep that powers the world

Our sheets are designed to help you sleep better. So you wake up to fresh days.

  • Cooling

  • Sustainable

  • Antibacterial

  • Safe for sensitive skin

Where sustainability and luxury meet

We wanted cooling, breathable, low-friction sheets made sustainably. But make them like a microdose of luxury every night. To get there, we partnered with exclusive distributors and manufacturers to create a custom blend of fibers chosen for what they bring to the mix. Our Fresh Blend sheets and pillowcases are the comfortable, cooling sheets you need for better nights and the best days.