Essential, not ordinary

Our smooth and sustainable Fresh Blend™ bed sheets are rewriting what home essentials can do. 

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Sustainable essentials without compromise

Our sheets are making a radical statement: eco-conscious manufacturing, ethical factories, and a signature fabric blend made from recycled materials to create our smooth, cooling Fresh Blend.

Better for your hair, skin, sleep, and planet

So there is nothing keeping you up at night. 

Cotton, eucalyptus, and bamboo are…fine. But we wanted even more durability, comfort, and benefits without giving up sustainability. 

Say hi to your new favorite sheets. They’re super smooth, cool to the touch, and highly breathable to keep out moisture and bacteria. And made from sustainable materials in our custom Fresh Blend fabric.

The samba Fresh Blend™ does it all, and then more

  • Ultra-comfortable

    Fresh and crisp feel

    Super thin for a smoother touch

    Lush and soft

  • Cooler than cool

    Extremely light

    Temperature regulating

    Highly breathable

  • Like silk, but better

    100% biodegradable fibers

    Sustainably produced

    Prevents bacterial growth

Sleep better knowing you helped the planet

samba is on a mission to provide comfort to both human and planet.
The sheets are made with minimal environmental impact and are produced under fair conditions.

  • Better days

    Better nights for your best days

  • Silky smooth

    Less friction for your hair and skin

  • Green fabric

    Biodegradable and made from recycled materials 

  • Cooler sleep

    Soft, cool-to-the-touch fabric 

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